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China: China Mobile is King August 17, 2006

Posted by Jasper in Mobile.

[From Telecomweb] China Mobile Communications Corporation (China Mobile) has become the world’s biggest mobile carrier in terms of market capitalization, overtaking Vodafone by a healthy margin.

China Mobile’s market cap stood at $132.8 billion as of 15 August. At the same moment, Vodafone’s market cap was just $110.7 billion. Actually, China Mobile surpassed Vodafone on June 29, when its market cap hit $112.12 billion compared with $111.72 for Vodafone. For about a week, the two see-sawed between leadership, then China Mobile took off, leaving Vodafone’s value in the dust.

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Commentary: Amazingly, China Mobile has only been arround for half-dozen years and already has a subscriber base of 200 million (compared to 186 million for Vodafone). Seems to be yet another testiment to the unsurpassed growth China has been experiencing for the past fifteen years.



1. China: Nearly 800m phone users « Telconomics - August 28, 2006

[…] Commentary: For every 100 people, that is 28 with a fixed line phone and 33 with a mobile. Not much, but the shear numbers are staggering. Also, adding 38 million mobile phone users in 6 months is an amazing number. It suggests the mobile providers are growing so fast, that China could be looking at half a billion mobile users by early 2007! No doubt China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network operator (se previous post) will be grabbing most of these users, further entrenching its position on the market. […]

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