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EU: Communications household survey August 26, 2006

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A survey of European households was published Friday. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of the European communications market.

Key findings include:

  • 80% of households in the European Union have at least one mobile phone, compared with 78%  of homes with a fixed telephone line.
  • About 18% rely only on their cell phones, having no fixed line. That figure rises sharply in some EU nations —  48% of Lithuanians and 47%of Finns only have mobiles.
  • Across the EU25, 97% of households have some sort of phone.
  • When polling sensitivity to mobile substitution, one in four EU25 households said it would give up its landline if mobile phone charges
    were at the same level as for fixed telephony.
  • 52% of European homes have at least one computer, although there are wide differences among nations, from 83% in the Netherlands to just 33% in Greece.
  • 23% of EU households have high-speed broadband access, a figure that falls to 2%  in Greece and raises to 63% in the Netherlands. Broadband’s popularity grows with household size – only 12% of single households have it, compared with 34% of those with four members or more.
  • 60% of EU households do not have Internet at home. When interviewed about the reason, 43% reported a lack of interest in the Internet, and 27% said it was because they lacked a PC or any means of connection.
  • The most frequently purchased service package (bundle) is a combination of fixed telephony and Internet access.

An executive summary of the report is available here.

The full report is available here (7MB!)



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