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Taiwan: Wireless City September 6, 2006

Posted by Jasper in Technology.

Taipei said on Tuesday it has become a wireless city that offers citizens handy access to the Internet anywhere in the city. For a monthly fee of 400 New Taiwan dollars (US$12, €9), residents can access the Internet in the Taiwanese capital using their cell phones or laptop computers with build-in wireless cards.

Over the past two years, authorities have laid about 4,000 access points throughout the city, allowing Wi-Fi access at the city’s 67 MRT stations, nine municipal hospitals, 53 municipal libraries, 12 administrative offices, 10 cultural centers, 28 major throughways, 70 Starbucks coffee shops and over 600 7-Eleven stores.

Will be interesting to see how this Taipei City Government commissioned service develops in junction with the increasing peneration of 3G devises and personal handyphone system (as far as I am aware the Personal Handyphone is a portable wireless telephone that functions as a cordless phone in the home and as a mobile phone elsewhere).

See article in China Post and International Herald Tribune for more information.

Some stats: Taiwan has a population of 23 million and a mobile penetration of close to 100%. The number of Taiwan’s 3G subscribers reached 2.19 million at the end of June. The number of personal handyphones increased by 44.1% from one year earlier, to 1.23 million at end-June.



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