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Australia: Coonan on FTTN investment September 8, 2006

Posted by Jasper in broadband, Regulation.

News.com.au brought an article earlier today on Senator Coonan’s expectations for Telstra’s fibre investment. I have previously commented on this issue here and here. Here are some of her rather convoluted statements:

I expect that their decision about fibre may be revisited in different circumstances but Telstra is clearly important to the (fast broadband) picture.

I’m not going to speculate about when they might [rethink their decision] but clearly Telstra is interested in its … transformation plan

One of the reasons Telstra withdrew from the plan was its view that price proposals put up by the ACCC were not what it was seeking. Senator Coonan said there had been nothing to suggest Telstra had insurmountable problems with the ACCC.

[For around six months] Telstra was engaged … in discussing that particular proposal with the regulator and the impediments didn’t appear to be apparent until right at the end of the process. In fact there’d been a number of statements made that the majority of the issues had been dealt with. So I think that there may be in those circumstances an opportunity to revisit if Telstra wishes.



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