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Voice SMS October 6, 2006

Posted by Jasper in Mobile.

Here is a service that has bypassed my radar: Voice SMS (VSMS). It provides the user the option to to send audio SMS messages or to reply to text (and voice) SMS messages with a verbal response. Apparently it is popular service in Asia. Early experience in several Asian countries suggest very rapid adoption — 30% to 50% penetration in less than 12 months for a service which is priced below voice phone calls, but 50% above SMS messages (sourced here).

According to Ericsson’s website:

Digi – Malaysia’s third-largest operator with more than 4 million subscribers – launched BubbleTALK [the VSMS service] in February [2005]. In August [2005], usage had surged to 200,000 messages a day. During this time, customers were offered 10 free messages a day in a two-month promotion.

It addresses literacy issues as well as those created by non-roman based languages. Also it provides a convenient alternative for those that have not mastered the key pad on most mobiles. Finally, there’s a lot more information and emotional content in a voice message than a text message.



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