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Skype revenue and users October 19, 2006

Posted by Jasper in General, VoIP.
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Jim Courtney from Skype Journal reports on revenue statistics for Skype in his post Skype Starts to Build US Traction. This is the first time that I have seen official revenue figures for Skype, so I thought I would reproduce his table:

As US-controlled public company the Securities and Exchange Commission requires the breakout of International from domestic sales. So the numbers may be sourced from the 3rd quarter report from eBay. The figures reveal:

  • Skype has grown to around a US$200 million annual business;
  • Skype’s overall revenue growth is slowing;
  • Increase in users is still strong averaging more than 50% per year; and
  • Growth in US users is currently stronger than (other) international users.

Italy: Unica September 20, 2006

Posted by Jasper in broadband, Mobile, VoIP.
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Amidst the rather chaotic telcom market in Italy, Telecom Italia has (according to Total Telecom) quietly launched a UMA service called Unica. The service simply appeared on the telco’s Web site at the beginning of last week without all the whistles and bells the market had been expecting. Although this is probably not surprising given the sudden change in strategy with the split of fixed and mobile businesses.

The service as been subjected to regulatory scrutiny, which has resulted in the launch of a restricted offer where Telecom Italia only is permitted to sign up 30,000 customers for a six month period.

Unica is available to customers with a Telecom Italia fixed-line service, TIM consumer mobile tariffs and DSL/VoIP product Alice Voce. Unica carries a monthly subscription of €15 (plus €5/month for each additional handset) and customers will also be required to buy the Unica Pack for €369, comprising the Samsung SGH-P200 dual-mode GSM/WiFi handset and an Alice ADSL2+ WiFi modem.

The service enables users to make free calls from the home via the fixed phone or the Samsung handset, using voice over WiFi, and GSM calls away from home. Up to five mobile numbers can be assigned to the same contract.

The offer seems comparable to Home Free in Denmark in price and appears to have the same functionality. Will be interesting to see what the future holds for Unica against the current turmoil.

For more information see Total Telecom and/or Telecom Italia Unica page (in Italien)

Denmark: Home Free August 29, 2006

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According to TeliaSonera they are the first in the world to introduce a voice solution that combines mobile communications and wireless broadband. TeliaSonera’s new voice solution, launched in Denmark yesterday, merges a mobile phone and voice over IP in one and the same telephone.

The new product is called Home Free. It is based on the UMA standard (Unlicensed Mobile Access), which enables a mobile phone to function as an IP phone at home through a wireless network (WiFi). The user can make calls at IP rates when at home and use the phone as a normal mobile phone outside the home.

The telephone has both a normal fixed network number and a mobile phone number, making it possible to reach the user with the fixed network number regardless of location.

A subscription incuding a maximum of 5 users in a family costs DKK 189 per month. For a couple the price is DKK 149 per month. On top of the the fixed monthly subscription fee, users pay for calls and a broadband connection. Calls are free between familiy users and to any fixed network number in Denmark. Currently, the only phone on offer is a Samsung P200 that costs DKK 499 when signing up for the Home Free service.

More on the solution can be found here [in Danish]